Atari 2600 SuperCharger Add-on – MOAR POWER!



The Starpath SuperCharger was a powerful add-on for the Atari 2600 that allowed games to be loaded from cassette with better graphics and deeper gameplay. The Immortal John Hancock shows us all the games for it plus much more.

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  • TheSaintOfPain

    I had not heard of the Starpath Supercharger until last summer, when I found 4 cassettes for it at a yard sale: Sword Of Saros, Party Mix, DragonStomper, and Escape From The Mindmaster. I ended up trading Sword Of Saros and Party Mix for a bunch of NES games, but still have the other 2.

    • lancep2014

      I knew about it but at the time I did; I was already into the NES. Sounds wired to me like hooking up my IPOD buy the hand phone jack playing and 30min audio file into the PS4 just to start the game.