Coleco Chameleon: My Thoughts



In this video I talk about my thoughts about the controversial Coleco Chameleon.

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  • loktar

    Really well said. You handled the situation like an adult. You made some excellent points

    #1 more important things are happening in the world.
    #2 no one lost a dime to this. There was no money taken, no one suffered financially, so there is absolutely no reason for the level of anger people are directing at anyone.

    Anyway I’m just a random internet guy. You’ve always had my respect and continue to do so.

  • Keith Sheehan

    Thanks for the clarification Mike. I feel bad that you had to take the blunt of this. I really wish Mr. Kennedy would explain the situation.

    For levity’s sake, how the heck do you play the DK cab with all that stuff in the way? 🙂

  • Lancep2016

    Even if it’s just raspberry Pi commuter board and the games are just big sd cards I I’ll get it. It

  • tatito rodriguez

    I agree with you 150% bro,….if I can call you that (srry your a dead ringer for my cousin that iv been hard core gaming with for decades) your analogy about ps4 and naughty dog is spot on,the problem with sites that have huge followings is that,…..plz nobody take this the wrong way but the fans tend to become like sheep,more human nature than anything,and take everything said by the site as doctrine,its very rare that fans actually do research on a subject before forming an opinion. …been watching you for years and don’t let this bring you down,dont steep to their level,thats what makes you of the best advantages that I will never take for granted and love about being a hard core gamer and that many other people I think miss out on is no matter what bull$^it I went through at work,…..what stress I have about bills and what gossip people are barking,when I go home to my man cave,….my fortress of solitude and dive head first into a n.e.s. or super nes game to swim in nostalgia,or a modern game on steam,ps4 or xbox one to revel in next gen splendor,all the voices of haters and stress are cast away like demons amidst a glorious light,…….a glorious high definition light.,……nothing or nobody could ever take me away from my happy place……