Complete Operation Rainfall Trilogy – A look at the Limited Editions

A video showcasing all three of the titles that make up the infamous operation rainfall trilogy. These are the PAL limited editions of Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story & Pandoras Tower.

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About 16bitbrit

A British Nintendo baby, the first console Adam ‘the 16bitbrit’ owned was a NES that his parents’ purchased for him one Christmas. He surrendered hours to Super Mario Bros 3 and marble madness…yes, marble madness

His “Nintendoholicalism” continued into what Adam describes as the golden age of gaming – the 16bit generation and the Super Nintendo. He loved playing all the Donkey Kong Country games, the plethora of timeless 16bit RPG’s, along with other classics such as Super Mario World, Street Fighter 2 and Mario Kart.

As a keen video editor and fan of YouTube gaming channels such as gamester81, the Happy Console Gamer and Pete’s game room, Adam decided to start his own YouTube gaming and tech channel – 16bitbrit, giving him an outlet to share his gaming and tech passions with the YouTube community.

Some of Adam’s other hobbies include looking after his newborn son, picking up as many game deals as possible and running. He is also a big football (soccer) fan.

Favorite Systems: SNES, Dreamcast, N64, & GameBoy (Alfred Chicken was the most underrated GameBoy game ever!)

Favorite Games: Super Mario Bros 3, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Pro Evolution Soccer & Resident Evil 4

  • Eugene Ng

    Great video! Two thumbs up! I’m still waiting for my European Limited Edition copy of Pandora’s Tower! I got the Aussie version already but I’m getting the Euro one for double the support and the extras! I hope Pandora’s Tower is released in the US as well as my word is this: “No gamer should be excluded of these games regardless of where you live!”

    Its like 2 Regions, get the game and one misses out of the games because of several reasons: Its already in English and its translated and we are in an English speaking region overall! If it wasn’t for Operation Rainfall spreading the word that we still care for JRPGs and other quality games, we would have seen a lot of shooters and many people wanting to forget about the Wii and focus on the next gen console: the Wii U. As well as hacking, homebrewing and downloading ROMs, voiding the warranty of the console if its destroyed if you don’t know how to homebrew. Piracy can be a negative item because it hurts the gaming industry and retailers that took the effort in selling the games and the developers who made all of the time making these incredible games.

    If Nintendo can spend a lot of their effort and time on making the Wii U, then why not on the Wii offering quality titles when its on its last legs?