D.Y.H.P.T.G?! Episode III – Final Fight (SNES v.s. Sega CD)


Time to compare and contrast! In this third episode of D.Y.H.P.T.G?! (Dude, You haven’t Played This Game?!) Miketendo brawler-walks through the mean streets of Metro City explaining the major differences and appeals in Final Fight. Featuring another awesome remix from chiptune artist, Nickelpunk, this episode is one that will make you ask the question: which 16 bit home version of Final Fight is better?

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  • It’s interesting to see the differences between the two. I prefer the Sega CD version and I don’t really mind the reworked audio that much. It’s too bad NIntendo had to sensor so much back in the day.

    • I do like the reworked audio..it’s a great soundtrack…I just feel like it takes the wind from the sails of the game at times. Definitely glad the days of most censorship is over.

  • SPac316

    Good video!
    I thought the SNES port of Final Fight was disappointing. They took a lot of important elements from it like the Two-player mode and the character, Guy. They should’ve at least kept the two-player in. Would have been fun to play this with a friend.
    I never played the Sega CD port, but since it has all those missing elements intact, it must’ve been the better choice at that time to play it in home.

    • I LOVE the remixed music in the GBA port, though, again, it’s disappointing that they kept it censored. Hmm, I wonder if the Japanese versions of the SNES and GBA are also censored?