D.Y.H.P.T.G?! Episode XII – Double Dragon (GB/NES/SMS)


Are you a bad enough dude to rescue your girlfriend in three different versions of Double Dragon? This episode of “Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?!” answers that question, and breaks down the differences between these three versions of the same game. The results are quite different and will make you question your ideal version of a Double Dragon game. Featuring an awesome remix by newcomer Brian “Science!” Siecienski.

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  • Joe Drew

    I remember renting the Genesis version. It

  • JDizzleD

    Funny, to me, the Nintendo version looks far more colorful than the Master System version, good comparison review.

    • Mike Levy

      Thanks for the kind words! The Nintendo, if I recall, couldn’t process the same amount of colors on screen at a time as the Master System could.