EverDrive N8 NES Flash Cart Review


Here is my review over the new EverDrive N8 flash cart for the NES.

Available at: http://www.stoneagegamer.com

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About Gamester81

John “Gamester81” Lester started playing video games at a very young age. His first ever console that he played was a Colecovision, quickly followed by an Atari 2600, and his passion for video games hasn’t stopped. In 2008 John decided to start a video game review show on YouTube called Gamester81 by reviewing rare and retro video game systems and games. His show quickly grew in popularity, and he became friends with many other gamers in the YouTube community.

He is also one of the hosts of the All Gen Gamers Podcast which is a bimonthly podcast for people and video games of all generations.

Some of John’s other hobbies includes collecting Star Wars memorabilia (YouTube channel Starwarsnut77), playing classic arcade games (YouTube channel Gamester81Arcade), watching sports, and listening to music. John is a big fan of the 80’s and 90’s and in 2009 started a YouTube channel called NEStalgiaholic where he talks about nostalgic items and memories from his childhood.

To see some of John’s video’s in 3D visit his YouTube channel Gamester81in3D.

Favorite Systems: Colecovision, Commodore 64, NES, & SNES.

Favorite Games: Donkey Kong Arcade, Atari Star Wars Arcade, Super Mario 3, Final Fantasy II, & Goldeneye 007

  • Erek Ladd

    I have to agree, John. I love tight slots too.

  • Stuart Pierce

    The MAC/PC thing might be due to how the SD card is formatted.

    • That could very well be the case with the SD card.

    • lancep2014

      By defiut thing’s like Camna cards, USB Drives, and MP3 Players come per formatted for Windows so that OS thing is a non issue as any Windows, Mac, or Linux PC can read an write to Fat 32 or NTSF formatted disks. However thing’s like this and Blu-ray players my prefer Fat 32. Just to be self reformat it to Fat32 in fact I have a Nikon Coll pix that will format any SD cards not in Fat32 to Fat 32.

  • Shawn Long

    LOL. Tight slots are the best for sure.

  • lancep2014

    1st of all I wounder why all videos after “Collecting PC Games with Metal Jesus Rocks” isn’t coming up on ITunes feed? I prefer to view them on my TV vs sareming on Windows 7. This I have been trying to get but every time I turn around it’s backolder. RetroUSB’s CF card version tried to get be not only taking Pay Pal as the form of payment locked me out. Since Amazon payments allow me to use thing’s like VISA Gift Cards (that PayPal doesn’t) I will get it ASAP.