GCW Zero Handheld System Review


Part 1: Overview & Unboxing:

Part 2: Gameplay & Final Thoughts:

I review the GCW Zero handheld system, which enables you to play emulators on the go.  So how is? Find out here…

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  • lancep2014

    Since I’m more if an kind guy that wound make one using something like an Raspberry PI board I have no plans to get it but for anyone else; This is bosomenavo.

  • Erek Ladd

    GCW Zero does what Pandora don’t. Great review John! I’ve been thinking of getting one for a while, so this video definitely makes me want to get one even more now.

    • qbertaddict

      if you really want to see what it can do check out my channel. I was the first person to actually have a gcw and did the video that launched it.

  • Someone who plays Dota 2

    Jesus christ this thing looks so great. Kinda wish I had the money to buy it, since I love old games, but the only means for me to play them are PC and phone emulators. But since I got mugged I lost my phone and now I dont have Fire Emblem on the go.
    Great review John!

  • DJKlaxx

    What I don’t understand is why someone would spend $150 on a system that looks and sounds cheap, and half the functions don’t work, when one could spend much less, get something like a PSP and a HUGE amount of memory, and can do the same things and more. (Well, can’t use FM radio but Internet Radio via Shoutcast is a thing.)

    However, I can give this system this. Onboard memory is a good thing.

    That said, wonder if the company that made this system got permission to use those romhacks as pre-loads.

    • qbertaddict

      Those rom hacks are his and not shipped with the unit. Also the emulation on the gcw zero is much better than the psp for everything except psx emulation at the moment. He is also using an old firmware and older versions of the emulators

  • qbertaddict

    It does work in linux and on a mac. That information you have is a little wrong. Also you are using an old firmware and older versions of the emulators. I live in Casa Grande and work at falloutgames and am one of the 9 people that started the GCW so if you want your system updated let me know

  • Mike Jakermen

    I would love to get a Pandora. But its way out of my price range.