Is Nintendo Anti-Gay?


Some people are upset with Nintendo recently because of their decision with an upcoming 3DS game called Tomodachi Life.  Does this make Nintendo anti-gay?  Here are my thoughts.  What do you think?


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What do you think?

Is Nintendo in the wrong?

Yes, they should change it so anyone can marry whomever they want.
No, it’s just a video game.

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  • Daniel

    Nintendo can do whatever they want. No one is forced to buy the game or play it, so there is no need to be offended. Just dont play the damn game. People just love to be offended, so no matter what they do someone will be pissed. People need to calm down.

  • Patrick A Crone

    The whole thing is blown out of proportion. When you use intimidation and scare tactics to get your beliefs recognized by others, you’re becoming a bully, not an advocate. Had the person who was initially offended by the lack of gay marriage taken a more positive approach to this issue, it would’ve opened a better dialogue with Nintendo. Instead, they came out of the gate accusing Nintendo of bigotry against gay rights. That put the company on the defensive for what boiled down to something that countless companies have done, not out of bigotry, but because a majority of their customers aren’t gay. Nintendo never said or did anything negative against the gay community.

  • Bumblebee

    The facts in this video are a bit outdated, it could use some updating. Nintendo has since released another statement that is very different from the first one.

  • Jorge Barbosa

    Nintendo already said that is impossible add the gay mariage function via a patch to the game but that in the next instalment the game will have that option.

  • Well, Nintendo already apologized and said the next one would be fixed. That should be end of story I’d think.

  • Daniel White

    I’ll repeat what I wrote on my facebook page. Where does it end? If we break this line, then what the hell is going to be allowed in the third one. Will I be able to marry multiply people, be bi-curious, marry my animals, or god forbid a child. Where will the line of so called happiness end. How far will a person who is offended be able to push the boundry?

  • Lancep2014

    Since the video part of the Itunes feed didn’t play and the audio did this is based on the audio only.

    As I’m in the don’t care part. I to see just a video game. In fact Nintendo cound make the game for over 100 times better than the 3DS; PS VITA system and I would call it just a game. Made it for IOS, Windows 7, Windows 8, X-BOX ONE, PS4, and/or Blu-ray players sill I would just call it an game.