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It has been over a year since I have posted anything here on Not from lack of interest, mind you, but 2013 was a very important year in my life and youtube had seriously taken a back burner… the burner in the neighbor’s kitchen. However, with a new computer and some new ideas, I am hoping that I will be able to stay more on top of my content here on With one computer crash and 2 rounds of the flu in 2014, I am already a bit behind, but I hope to catch up soon. Here is my first real video of 2014.

I wanted to make a simple video to share some crafts in my home that are related to my favourite game of all time: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Enjoy!

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Silver Mongoose started his youtube channel during the recession when times were tough. He made the videos he wanted to see, trying to fit as much information about a console in his 20-25 minute Buyer’s Guide/ Reviews. Since then, this Canadian has posted some of the first (if not the first) Video Game Memories videos on youtube, controversial “My Take” videos that discuss his option on various video game topics, “Gaming Favourites” where he talks to other gamers for hours about something they love in gaming, and other random videos. Silver Mongoose loves trying out games of all styles and genres on every system he can get his hands on, generally shying away from most AAA titles (Let’s be honest, millions of used copies will still be around in 10 years). Trying out oddballs like Sneak King, Quest for the Rings, and Muscle March are always a blast. To Silver Mongoose, playing a 25 year old game for the first time can be just as fulfilling as playing a new one right off the shelf. When he’s not gaming on his own, he’s playing Monster Hunter Tri online with his brother, or playing through Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and classic Adventure games with his fiancé.