More PS3 Hidden Gems



More PlayStation 3 / PS3 Hidden Gems – Lesser known games for you PS3 collectors out there!

Games Shown:
Eternal Sonata
3D Dot Game Heroes
Deadly Premonition Director’s Edition
Heavenly Sword
Resonance of Fate
Time Crisis 4
Disgaea 4

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  • Gusnation

    The 60 and 40 has the hardware to run PSX/PS2 (if i remember correctly), I own the 80 GB ps3 that emulates PSX/PS2 and it runs the games really well i haven’t had problems or seen any graphic reduction. only issue i have ran into is playing the ps2 guitar heros and you need to buy an adapter to plug in the ps2 guitars (the PS3 ones are not compatible) THANKS FOR YOUR REVIEWS METAL JESUS!