New ColecoVision Flashback System Review


Here is my review over the brand new ColecoVision Flashback system (coming out in October).  It’s a ColecoVision plug and play system that has 60 built in games in one.

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  • Bruiser

    I have my fingers crossed that this system makes it to Australia. Looks amazing and I love the fact AT Games (and even Tommo with the Neo Geo X) at least tried to capture the feel of the original system’s joysticks.
    Shame to hear they’re a bit ‘softer’ but I can appreciate they replicate the look and layout.

    • Bob

      Thought I’d put in my two cents worth. I was always a big colecovision fan. Still have my original system. It acts up sometimes so I was happy to see this released. It works fairly well. Game versions appear to be carbon copies of the originals. Build quality appears cheap, but I guess for 40 bucks, it’s to be expected. But I still must mention that I have returned one unit already, as the system froze up several times during gameplay. And on the second unit, I have already experienced the same thing again, albeit only once. Also the controller knob came apart while I was playing. So I’ll likely be exchanging this unit for another one. Only other complaint is regarding the games which were NOT included. Where is LADY BUG, CARNIVAL, SMURFS, DONKEY KONG? These were iconic games for the original system ! Their inclusion should have been a given . Oh well, hopefully on the next version, this and the aforementioned issues I’ve experienced will be addressed.

      • Rob Shveytser

        I got one from Toys R Us 2 weeks ago. Nice little system. The joysticks are ok, not super responsive. Haven’t had any crashes yet, although one game did freeze up on me. I miss Donkey Kong and Looping. Those should have been included, as well as Mouse Trap. The original CV controllers do not work with this system for some reason. I don’t know if Atari joysticks would. The controllers that came with the Flashback are cheaply made and I don’t believe have the same feel as the original. The included overlays are really cheaply made. They started to delaminate while I was fiddling with them. The graphics are nice. The sounds are ok but not as nice as the original CV. All in all, worth $40. Montezuma’s Revenge is one of my all-time favorites and looks good. The controller is a bit hard to use for this game, since it requires very fine changes in direction and movement. Bump and Jump plays very well and looks awesome.

  • CousinDave

    So will an Atari or Sega controller work, as long as a stock controller is used to select keypad options. I always hated the ColecoVision controller

    • lancep2014

      May be.

  • lancep2014

    As soon as I can find one I will cachk it out “the Intellivision one as will”. I don’t of Atria Flashback 3 or 4 and even if the 5 will allow this but as they did Atria Flashback 2 you my beabul to mod it by adding the cart slot, if it can be done I will.

  • smc

    Pre-Ordered 5 months ago…

  • Kyle325

    Ill be getting this and and intellivison flashback as well as the Atari flashback 5 for sure. It seems the dollar general, of all places, have a version with an exclusive game for the CV flashback…