New Ghost Blade game for the Sega Dreamcast



In this video I check out a new Sega Dreamcast game called Ghost Blade. It’s shooter by a company called Hucast, and you can pick it up here:

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  • lancep2015

    I have to get bossomenova. To bad these games don’t work on systems made after October 2000 since they had the CD-R loop hole removed. Making it impassable to run homebrews without an Dreamcast SDK. I know many of you are asking how can they do this. if sill have like an old Windows 98 computer it’s easy to make an app for the version of Windows CE that the Dreamcast supports. I have no true fav Dreamcast game game but mad I love Sonic Adventure.

  • tatito rodriguez

    I sill have and play my dreamcast and my favorite game on it is the underrated(over here anyways) sword of the berserk…..

  • tatito rodriguez

    i know im late on this but the amiboo i would love to see is R.O.B. the original nes robot…still have mine in mint condition.