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10 New Nintendo NES Games to Check Out

NFL Blitz: Special Edition – N64 Development Cart! – H4G

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Ex-SIERRA Game Developer is selling Original Source Code! – Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quest, Freddy Pharkas,etc…

RULE OF ROSE! Playstation Road Trip!

Turn Your Sega Dreamcast Into an HD System With This Cable

Streets of rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 Art and Talk

Spyro Reignited Trilogy | Classics Done Right – Review & Overview! – H4G

Commodore 64 Mini System Review

Mega Sega Pick Ups

Mega Sega Pick Ups Video

RARE Astral Blue PlayStation 2 / European Automobile Color Collection History – H4G

A Couple Expensive Purchases For The Collection


10 NEW Physical SWITCH GAMES you may have MISSED!

Here are 10 Nintendo Switch games that recently got physical releases that might have gone unnoticed. Most are still available at Amazon, Gamestop & other retailers. GAMES SHOWN: Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Evoland: Legendary Edition Valfaris Everspace: Stellar Edition …

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UNRELEASED Spider-Man 4 Game Found! (Cancelled SM4 Movie Tie-In)

Exclusive first look! Hard4Games covers the unreleased Spider-Man 4 movie game! The game includes two unfinished levels, debug rooms, assets, and more! In addition, it also includes hints toward the story of the cancelled film! Special thanks to Andrew for …

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First Ever Video Game Arcade Machine & More!

In this video I’m joined by my friend Carlos as we check out a new arcade in Hawthorne, NJ. There are some incredibly rare arcade machines here including Computer Space, which is the first ever video game arcade machine. Billy’s …

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The SNES Games I STILL PLAY all the time!

Here are the Super Nintendo games I typically play when it’s just for fun. It’s a mix of hidden gems, common games and personal favorites. GAMES SHOWN: The Legend of the Mystical Ninja Donkey Kong Country Zig Zag Cat Isometric …

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This video is kind of a heavier emotional video. It touches on a game that taught me a lot about life and other people, as well as myself. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on this one …

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Is This The End of YouTube? COPPA & More

In this video I share my thoughts on COPPA, and the future and status of YouTube. What do you guys think? Please leave a comment below and let me know. More at: Follow me at: Facebook: Twitter: …

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