Insane PC & Game finds at RE-PC Store (Seattle)

New Playstation Classic System Review

Qix (Atari 5200) – BrianTheBlue Game Reviews Episode 32

10 New Nintendo NES Games to Check Out

NFL Blitz: Special Edition – N64 Development Cart! – H4G

Road to recovery Mail


Ex-SIERRA Game Developer is selling Original Source Code! – Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quest, Freddy Pharkas,etc…

RULE OF ROSE! Playstation Road Trip!

Turn Your Sega Dreamcast Into an HD System With This Cable

Streets of rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 Art and Talk

Spyro Reignited Trilogy | Classics Done Right – Review & Overview! – H4G

Commodore 64 Mini System Review

Mega Sega Pick Ups

Mega Sega Pick Ups Video

RARE Astral Blue PlayStation 2 / European Automobile Color Collection History – H4G

A Couple Expensive Purchases For The Collection


Retro Games Galore – CORGS Gaming Event

Here is a recap of my experience attending CORGS which is a retro gaming event in Columbus, OH. Here’s their website: Music by: Ben Allen and is available here: SNES Omnibus book series available here: More at: …

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New Sega Genesis Mini Info & Thoughts

I share my thoughts on the new upcoming Sega Genesis Mini coming out on September 19th, 2019. Game List: Sonic the Hedgehog Ecco the Dolphin Castlevania: The New Generation Space Harrier 2 Shining Force Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine ToeJam …

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Development GameCube Memory Card Emulator + Memory Card Testing Software

Hard4Games tests the GameCube development Memory Card Emulator, aka “the scorpion”. Special thanks to David for the borrow! And a big thank you to Andrew for lending us the NPDP cartridge with the memory card testing software!

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Finding Retro #14 – “Gamer’s Throne”

A new year with the same 13 year old maturity that makes them the most annoying on youtube. Follow Buzzwald and Gayrod as they find a massive load of games in Big Al the Basement Dwellers game room. They find …

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Cash In Culture Video Game Store Tour

Here is a walkthrough tour of Cash In Culture. It’s a video game store located in Monroeville, PA. Cash In Culture’s website: More at: Follow me at: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: My other channels: Starwarsnut77: …

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The Ultimate GBA Mod

Erek from Crossroads Reviews is BACK after a four year hiatus turning his plain ol’ Gameboy Advance into the GBA from the future!

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