Insane PC & Game finds at RE-PC Store (Seattle)

New Playstation Classic System Review

Qix (Atari 5200) – BrianTheBlue Game Reviews Episode 32

10 New Nintendo NES Games to Check Out

NFL Blitz: Special Edition – N64 Development Cart! – H4G

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Ex-SIERRA Game Developer is selling Original Source Code! – Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quest, Freddy Pharkas,etc…

RULE OF ROSE! Playstation Road Trip!

Turn Your Sega Dreamcast Into an HD System With This Cable

Streets of rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 Art and Talk

Spyro Reignited Trilogy | Classics Done Right – Review & Overview! – H4G

Commodore 64 Mini System Review

Mega Sega Pick Ups

Mega Sega Pick Ups Video

RARE Astral Blue PlayStation 2 / European Automobile Color Collection History – H4G

A Couple Expensive Purchases For The Collection


This PC haptic feedback controller is BIZARRE…and kinda AWESOME!

The Novint Falcon controller was created by an American company to be one of the first 3D Touch devices with haptic feedback for games. The idea is that you would physically FEEL objects and events in games. Originally sold as …

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GameCube Prototype Controller!

Hard4Games covers a GameCube prototype / pre-release controller! Let’s compare and contrast the differences between this and the retail version. Thank you Andrew E. for lending this to us!

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What the Heck is e-Begging?!?

Jeffrey’s channel: More at: Follow me at: Facebook:… Twitter: Instagram: My other channels: Starwarsnut77:… NEStalgiaholic:… Gamester81Arcade:… For additional posts by Gamester81: Click Here Join the Gamester81 forums: My Star Wars fan site:

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Playstation VR (PSVR) Buying Guide for 2019 – Hardware & Game Recommendations!

John Riggs shows the differences in PSVR hardware, if a PS4 Pro is worth it and what games you want to play on your PlayStation VR! Buy PSVR here: (affiliate link) GAMES SHOWN: Resident Evil 7 Astro Bot: Rescue …

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Rumor has it that the Austrailian ratings board let out a little easter egg from Konami, signifying they might be releasing a Castlevania Collection! If it exists, here’s the 5 games I would put on it, guaranteed. What are the …

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Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! (MINISODE) – Flying Warriors Review (NES)

On this first Patreon-sponsored Minisode (all review, no skits), Mike takes a look at Flying Warriors courtesy of Patron, Trevin Adams. This obscure NES hybrid action/fighter/RPG is a combination of a few different games…literally. But is this entry in the …

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