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Arcade USA – Bump n’ Jump!

  Developed by Data East published by Bally Midway, this game puts the player in the shoes of Jumpin’ John.   Jumpin’ John has a special race car that has the ability to jump!  it only works once the car gets …

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80s Hair Metal Bands – Retrospective

  80’s Hair Metal, Glam Rock & Pop Metal bands sure used a lot of hair spray, & played a lot of widdly widdly guitar! But that’s why we loved it. The Metal Jesus & his wife Bukin’ Bekki show …

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Best Metal Albums of the 80s

Mrs. Metal Jesus joins me for a very special music episode, where we reminisce about our favorite Metal albums & bands of the 1980s. And when we say “metal”, we don’t mean Bon Jovi, Poison or Warrant. Music is a …

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