TOP 10 Saturn Games

Top 10 Saturn Games

Top 10 Saturn Games of all time with Anna. The Sega Saturn was a mostly ignored console in North America but it was still home to tons of amazing games you should play and own!

Games Shown:
1. Saturn Bomberman
2. Panzer Dragoon Series
3. The Game Paradise
4. Shining Force III / Holy Ark
5. Nights into Dreams
6. Albert Odyssey
7. Galactic Attack
8. Street Fighter II Puzzle Turbo
9. Darius Gaiden
10. Virtua Cop 2

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  • lancep2015

    The Sega Saturn is one of those systems I skipped do mostly to the fact that it jumped form SNES and DOS to Windows 95. Got soiled fast buy games like DOOM, Star Wars Jedi Knight, and of course may introduction to software projects like MAME.