Weird & Awesome Game Controllers



Not every game controller is created equal. Some are creepy and weird, while others are specialized to a particular game or genre. Others… are just bizarre like Drunken Master Paul’s brilliant mind. In this video we show the unusual game controllers in the Metal Jesus game collection!

What are some of the more unusual controllers in your collection?

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About MetalJesusRocks

The Metal Jesus is a long-haired rocker dude who used to work in the video game industry back in the 90′s at Sierra On-Line (publisher of PC classics like Quest for Glory, King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and much more). Later he was the editor of a professional video game review web site, and dabbled in audio & video production. He loves music and video games with a passion!

  • John Gamester

    Those are some crazy looking controllers. The first one you showed is very unique and I love the horror aspect of it. Great video MJ.

  • John Gamester

    LOL they have a controller named after me! “Gamester”! 🙂

  • Jared Connell

    I like the Namco force feedback rescuing controller, I wish more games made use of that feature. the other racing controller is like an rc car remote with the wheel on the side. Cool video, thanks guys!

  • Shawn

    Im glad you mentioned the chainsaw controller…I’ve been looking for that one for awhile too!

  • lancep2015

    I you what even more weird ones not showed here; Google AVGN Nes Accessories.