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Author Topic: Goodbye Wii. Memories of our love 🙂
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Post Re: Goodbye Wii. Memories of our love 🙂
on: July 14, 2013, 16:44

What can I say about the Wii that hasn't already been said? I love this system, and sadly got to the Wii late due to a mixture of Warcraft and starting a career in the Armed Forces. However Once I welcomed the Wii into my home in 2009 I never looked back. I had been a console gamer from childhood starting with the NES and carrying through to the SNES and N64. However I was drawn into an abyss in 1999 known as MMORPG's. It started with Everquest and with the launch of Warcraft I was completely lost down the rabbit hole. I missed the entirety of the GC and a large portion of the PS2. But I swore to quit the online world of max/min stats when I enlisted. Then, like a shining beacon from the heavens the Wii found it's way into my home and my heart and guided me back to the loving arms of console gaming.

The game that lead me back into the light was none other than Twilight Princess. Like Hyrule my world had been thrown into darkness and with the help of Link, someone I had shared countless adventures with in the past, I broke free of my self imposed shackles. Since then it's been a non-stop thrill ride with great titles like Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's Epic Yarn, SSBB and this generations holy trinity of JRPGs; Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story and Pandora's Tower.

Nintendo introduced me to gaming as a child and showed me wonderful worlds inside a little grey box and as an adult they reignited that spark of adventure that had been beaten to death by people standing in the fire and wiping a raid.

Wow that is much longer than I anticipated. To answer your question Gamester I love my WiiU and could easily write just as much about the potential it has. Also as a note to Buried on Mars, the latest firmware update on the WiiU lets you jump right to the Wii menu without having to go through the WiiU one first.

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