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Author Topic: Ps3 Vs Xbox 360
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Post Ps3 Vs Xbox 360
on: October 23, 2017, 06:34

Hi everyone,

Well then I see what all are saying but in my option the ps3 can do much more than Xbox 360 and I have a xbox360 and a ps3.
Now the Xbox 360 has tree problems that I have never got ride off:eek:
1. Over heats 🙁
2. Game DVD gets to hot and starts to smell in only 1 hour of playing game so i can not play it longer than that as it will crack on me:( .
3. It scratches your game disks
These are just some of the issue that the Xbox 360 has to fix and to this date date they have done nothing to fix it 😮 no help when I emailed them.
Now my Xbox 360 will not even play the lost planet even through it plays on my friends Xbox 360 and wont play on mine .You can't even update the hard drive without breaking the grantee.
Now then ps3 has no issue that I have found I can play for 5 hours long and the game blue ray disk is cool not hot not toasted just cool unlike the Xbox 360 were I can not even play for 1 hour as the Xbox 360 game DVD gets to hot and may crack as the DVD smells and the ps3 comes with a blue ray DVD player and it plays anything I can through at it so far 😀 :cool:. You can even upgrade your ps3 hard drive and it still under grantee as long as you keep the original hdd but I know a way around that but I will not say in this form unless people want to know. The ps3 can play any region of games and DVD which means I can buy American ps3 games and blue ray and DVD that are American or any region and it will still play in uk ps3:cool: but the Xbox 360 has none of that feature:eek: which is really a same. The Xbox 360 does not even come with the next generation hd player which the ps3 has a blue ray player already.
As you can see I like my Xbox 360 and ps3 but the fact is the Xbox 360 has one flow heating issue and that’s really letting it done were the ps3 is expensive but as I always say time make a perfect console which the ps3 has about 5 years of testing and tweaking but the Xbox 360 has been rushed to sell more but quality is not there and had still has issue of heating. I have heard that the ps3 for uk have been changed but as we all now they always change it for uk as it comes out in japane first and then usa then uk so buy the time it comes to uk they normally fix the issue that the Japanese and American console might have which is not a bad thing in my option.This review is based on the Xbox 360 and the ps3 that I have.

What do you peaple think of my review?

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