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Author Topic: Smash Bros for 3DS
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Post Smash Bros for 3DS
on: October 17, 2014, 10:42

Picked this game up last week or so and am loving it! It works, runs, looks very well on the DS and i think is must have game for the system. Its easily my most played game on the 3ds, and it just came out, but Smash has been a favorite since i pre ordered the 1st game on the N64! Got a Gamecube to play Melee, and a Wii to play Brawl. And its been good to me and my gaming buddies ever since.
I only thing im not as big of a fan of is the single player experience. I know we were spoiled with the SubSpace story form Brawl, but this game's Smash Run is not really impressing me. Mind you, this game is ment to be played on the go or in shorter sessions, so it works. The Classic mode is back, of course, but its only about 6-7 stages long and can be playede through quickly. Overall, it is a GREAT handheld Smash Bros experience and really makes me more eager to play the Full Wii U version....

Also, if any Gamester forum buddies wish to add me to play a few rounds, or MArio Kart 7 among others, my Friend Code is 5343-8985-4356

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Post Re: Smash Bros for 3DS
on: October 21, 2014, 23:36

When I get Smash Bros, we shall battle. Until then, here's my Friend Code. Oh and Mario Kart 7!
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