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$10,000 24k GOLD Xbox One X

Hard4Games showcases a $10,000, 24k GOLD Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition! For additional posts by Hard4Games: Click Here Join the Gamester81 forums: Star Wars fan? Then check out our sister site:

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Arcade1Up Official Light Up Marquee Review | MichaelBtheGameGenie

Today we are taking a look at the Arcade1Up official light up marquee. I have been patiently waiting for this product to release since CES of last year and now that it is finally here and installed on my cabinet …

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This Game Boy Model is the Best to Own, and Here’s Why

In this video I talk about the different Game Boy system models that came out between 1989 and 1998. I explain to you which one I recommend getting. I also share some games I recommend for it. More at: …

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Bucky O’Hare – Was this Konami’s Answer to Mega Man on the NES? – RetroActive

 Bucky O’Hare was a game developed and released during the end of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s life. Bucky O’Hare on the NES seemed to borrow a lot of ideas from Mega Man and Battletoads; was Bucky and the crew …

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Mike doesn’t know EVERYTHING about Castlevania and you might not either. Here’s 5 things he’s come across which he found particularly interesting which he thinks you should learn about his favorite video game franchise. How many of these did you …

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Xbox Series X – Likes, Dislikes & GAMES I’m PLAYING!

  My thoughts after owning the Xbox Series X console for 1 month. The good, the bad and the things I would change. Plus I share the games I’m playing on it now!

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