$90 Dollar NES? M & M Video Games Victorville CA

90 NES


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Some owners think that they’re the only video game store around; it’s an attitude that makes them think that they can charge whatever they want and people will have no choice but to buy from them. This attitude will be the instrument of their downfall because of the fact that they are not the only video game store around. Their are thousands of game stores all across the United States alone. Once the people are aware of this volume, they will look and travel to whatever store will give them the better deal. We live in an age where retro games are getting harder to come by due to the popularity as well as dwindling popularity of newer games due to their lack of innovation and high prices. This is a time where game stores need to start being more competitive with their prices as well as their presentation and professionalism; they need to step up. This show is about lighting a fire in the retro game selling industry. These owners need to know that they are no longer the only store in town and if they continue with their lack of professionalism as well as insulting high prices, their store going to close their doors permanently. It’s time to rescue our culture. It’s time for a Game Rescue.

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