A Look at a Pokemon Pirate Multicart from South Korea

pokemon bootleg


South Korean copyright laws are pretty lenient, to say the least. Since retro game collecting is a rich-man’s hobby (more-so than it is in the United States) there is an abundance of pirate and bootleg carts. I have several multicarts just for fun and had some requests to get a better look at some. Here’s one featuring four Pokemon hacks in one cart. No way can this be legit.

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A professional radio DJ by day and father of three, two of which have been diagnosed with autism, John Riggs enjoys hacking (or "Rigging") NES games to include his family and friends which you can see on his YouTube channel Riggstalgic which has even been featured on ABC's 'Right This Minute'. He also has a knack for anything nostalgic and has an almost unhealthy obsession with breakfast cereal. Although Riggs claims he loves all systems, he's very fond of NES, SNES, Genesis and TurboGrafx-16/TurboDuo. A few of his favorite games include The Legend of Zelda, ActRaiser, Sword of Vermillion and the Fire Pro Wrestling series from Japan. LIKE on Facebook | FOLLOW on Twitter | FOLLOW on Instagram