Analogue Nt: Motherboard (New High End NES System)



Take a look at the Analogue Nt’s Motherboard
We designed and manufactured the Analogue Nt’s motherboard with an extraordinary focus on detail. This article explains more about motherboards. It is designed and constructed like a piece of art using custom materials, rarely seen in PCB manufacturing.

custom black PCB with exposed and raised copper traces, finished with a transparent solder mask
construction integrity: 2mm thick PCB


White Controller Ports for Pre-Orders Only

In the original stages of development, we found that the preexisting NES controller ports were produced with a low quality mixed material plastic that resulted in low durability and quality.When something doesn’t exist to our standards, we design and manufacture it ourselves. This is the level of detail that is going into the Analogue Nt.We produced a small batch of white controller ports exclusively for pre-orders. Interested in having your Nt outfitted with these exclusive white controller ports? Contact us directly at [email protected] and we’ll assemble your system with white ones instead of black.

gold plated, reinforced pins

high quality, ABS plastic
Analogue Nt Nearly Sold Out
We’ve been humbled by the amount of interest in the Analogue Nt. We’re happy to announce we are nearly sold out from pre-orders alone. Pre-orders have access to limited features such as white controller ports (optional) and “first edition” laser engraving.
Analogue Nt Release and New Features
The Analogue Nt will be shipping in February. We’re currently overseeing the final stages of production. As the Nt’s release day approaches, we will be unveiling some exciting new content showcasing all of the Analogue Nt’s features — including some secrets we have not yet announced.

To preorder and for more information about the Analogue Nt system: Click here