Arcade Regiment


Arcade Regiment specializes in video game content. Bred in Canada, ProducerGuyPhil aka “PGP” along with fellow contributors “Captain Clutch” and “ToxicVolumeChick” or “TVC” were born with controllers in their hand and have been happily gaming ever since. ProducerGuyPhil is a HUGE Nintendo fanatic. When he’s not filming, he can usually be seen playing his favourite console the Nintendo 64. He grew up a lover of such classic gems like “Super Mario 64”, “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” and his favourite game of all time, “Banjo-Kazooie”. Fun fact, PGP is an avid speedrunner of “Super Mario 64” and through the use of glitches can beat the game in just over thirty minutes. Captain Clutch is a gaming virtuoso. There are very few games that the Captain cannot master. Growing up with a plethora of consoles including the Super Nintendo and Sega Dreamcast, he’s honed his skill on a variety of consoles and PC as well. In the retro world, he is a Smash Bros master and can best all of Dr. Wily’s robot masters in ANY Mega Man. Fun Fact, the Captain has a vast modern collection that could easily take up a couple full Gamestop racks. ToxicVolumeChick grew up besting many of the Pokemon games in her early days. She has since continued on her quest to catch EVERY single Pokemon and Pokemon game alike. She can be seen enjoying playing Nintendo handhelds as those are her favourite consoles. Fun fact, while many people’s favourite Mario AND Zelda games are on consoles, Both of hers on the Nintendo Game Boy. Whether it’s giving insight and opinion with “Pick 3 with PGP” or “PGPerspective”. Taking on video games with one life in the “One Life Challenge” or having entertaining, interactive streams, Arcade Regiment truly delivers when they say “Gaming entertainment at it’s finest”