Arcade USA – DogPatch! by Midway Games

A game from 1978 by Midway.  Features cool Mountain Folk artwork on the cab (the sides look like a outhouse door!) including some interesting cardboard inserts on the bezel similar to the art style of the comic strip Lil’ Abner.   The controls of the game are very straightforward, you have a rotary knob to aim your shotgun and a fire button to blast away at that rascally tin can!  Every so often a bonus target appears in the form a chicken flapping about the screen, whoever can hit the chicken is awarded extra bonus points!  This game can be played single or two players (in the single player mode, the computer player is quite a good shot!)


The game was ported over to the Bally Astrocade, while it retained the basic gameplay some elements were missing (such as the chicken bonus round and the option to play single player) but what this port lacks it gives you the option to select a custom number of cans for the round.  The game is still quite enjoyable and challenging! and makes for a great party game to play!

The Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum has one of these machines in there collection.   If you are passing through Hopewell TWP, PA give this place a visit and play some classic arcade games!

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