Arcade USA



William “Willie!” Culver has been with video games from the earliest days, his first game ever played was Computer Space at Arnolds Park in Iowa back in 1973. That early exposure to videogames resonated with Willie! and started him on the path to become a videogaming ethusiast. His family’s first console was a Tournament 2000 pong system followed shortly after with a Fairchild Channel F when it first launched. In 2012 Willie! started his youtube show Arcade USA to show others neat classic arcades in operation today plus overviews and ports of various arcade games. His channel also features gameplay and pickup videos among other videogaming topics. Willie!’s likes collecting for the Colecovision mainly, but has interest in many other consoles that is in his collection. Willie’s other hobbies includes robotics, electronics, RC aircraft and model railroading. Favorite Systems: Fairchild Channel F, Bally Astrocade, ColecoVision, 2600, 5200, Odyssey 2, Jaguar, Lynx, TG16, Genesis and Saturn among many others. Favorite Games: Golden Axe, Tempest, Wizard of Wor, Galaga, Galaxian and a host of others. Podcasts involved in: The Channel F Files, Vectrex Radio, Atari 5200 Super Podcast, ColecoVisions and Intarivisions