Asteroids! MiniCade from Basic Fun!

Released in August (2017) by Bridge Direct under the Basic Fun label, this is Number 05 in the Arcade Classics Series! SKU:88556109563

This minicade features the older LCD screen (not the TFT like Qbert) so there are limitations to the graphics on the screen.   But for what it is, Basic Fun did a good job to represent the essence of Asteroids Arcade in a LCD format.

The packaging is very nice and has some great Asteroids illustrations and artwork.  There are two packaging variations, A blister pack and a nice boxed version.   The boxed version is exclusive to Walmart stores.   This minicade has a joystick and four main buttons – On/Off, three level volume, Start and Fire/Hyperspace.    The artwork on the minicade also is really well done, the marquee  and side art look like the arcade version as well as the control panel.

The game play is a little different than what you would expect.  Your ship basically stays in the middle of the screen and rotates around a circle (does not pivot in the center) for a total of eight positions to fire from.   The asteroids though are very well animated and look really cool!, they do break up when shot and drift around the screen like the arcade.   The flying saucer also makes a appearance as well.   The joystick is only used to rotate the ship right and left and the main fire button has a second function for hyperspace.  If you hold down the fire button the ship goes into hyperspace for a brief amount of time.  during this time asteroids will pass right over you.

The sound effects are very well done and sounds like the arcade version of asteroids.   With the booming effect in the background as you play, the saucer sounds and firing make you feel like you are playing the arcade game.  The game will retain your high score as long as the batteries are not removed.


  1. Authentic arcade sounds!
  2. High Score retention!
  3. Nice artwork!
  4. Mini Arcade Cabinet Design!
  5. Great packaging!
  6. Nice Asteroids animations!


  1. LCD screen
  2. Joystick instead of buttons like the arcade
  3. Ship fires only in eight directions
  4. Ship not centered on the screen

Overall this Minicade gets the job done and is fun.  However, It would have been much better if it had a full color TFT display like Qbert.

Rating: (2 out of 5 Minicades)

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