Atari 2600 Space invaders remake for the PC!


Released in April 2017, this was a project done by Richard Langford of  He challenged himself to remake the classic 2600 space invaders on the PC in just one day.  He accomplished this goal and then decided to add even more game modes to the classic 2600 game (which is one of my favorite versions of Space Invaders).


Some of the game modes include a ZX Spectrum mode, Pen and Paper mode, Blocky Mode and others.  Some of the 2600 classic modes are present as well, such as invisible invaders, zig zag shots, etc.  The sounds and graphics are very well done along with some really fun game mechanics.   You can also use a Xbox 360 controller as well to play this game, it comes in handy for doing the 2 player co-op mode!


If you love the 2600 version of Space Invaders as much as I do, then this remake is for you!


Visit the page here and get the game.

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