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“Guru Larry” Bundy Jr has been playing games for over 31 years, ever since he obtained a hand-me-down Atari VCS from his older brothers. Quickly learning at an early age the adage, “It’ll help me with my school work”, he traded up for an Amstrad CPC 464, which was then promptly used to solely play games on. He then jumped back onto the console bandwagon one Christmas morn in 1987, when he was given a Master System and has been gaming ever since! Larry has presented a number of video game related television shows on British and European TV over the past decade, including “Guru Larry’s Retro Corner” which still airs weekly on Sky. He also got his “Guru” monkier from presenting a live phone in gaming cheat show called “Game Guru”. He’s also worked as a character and packaging artist (specifically anything Manga/Anime related) on a number of video games over the years. Favourite Games: Half-Life 2, Twisted Metal (1996), WonderBoy III, Portal 2, Jack the Nipper II & Wardner. Favourite Machines: SNES, Mega Drive, Amstrad CPC, Commodore Amiga & Xbox 360.

Games Yanks Can’t Wank – Halloween Specials

      Welcome to Games Yanks Can’t Wank,  a unique look at bizarre, and often terrible British and European video games that never made it to the US or Canada! What better way to introduce you then with not …

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