Bad Grafx Gamers

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Jay & Buzzy AKA the “Diaper Dicks” travel throughout the United States on their quest to sell some ole videyer games. Being collector’s first they got tired of the price gauging by retro game stores and wanted to help collectors alike. They accomplished this by going across the country to many popular gaming conventions. While documenting the adventures, they created the youtube channel “Bad GraFx Gamers”. They try to capture the interactions between the buyer and seller from their viewpoint. Want a deal on multiple games from their booth? Be ready to provide some entertainment by showing a skill of some sort or just embarrassing yourself. The more you make them laugh, the better the discount. Yea buddy!
Bad GraFx loves to collect for the original Nintendo and the Nintendo 64. Favorite games including: Bomberman, Super Spike Volleyball, Baseball Stars II, Super Tecmo Bowl, and any other game they can have a good competition in with some friendly wagers.