‘Basic Championship Wrestling’ Pulverizes With This New NES Homebrew



BCW! BCW! Introducing Basic Championship Wrestling! It’s a homebrew originally programmed in QBasic and ported to work in a NES. It’s kind of like a turn-based RPG wrestling game. Wait, what?

You won’t find groundbreaking graphics in this one. In fact, and if you’re familiar with QBasic, the graphics are left to your imagination with text characters representing everything. However, this game is pretty fun.

You play the role of the face (good guy) taking on the heel (bad guy). Though it doesn’t say so, your CPU will do maneuvers to you that you don’t have the option to do including hitting you with a trash can or spitting mist in your face.

The game plays a bit like paper-rock-scissors. You choose which move you want to do and either you or the CPU will pull off a move successfully. If you successfully pull of a maneuver, you’ll gain a bit of life back as well. Once their lifebar as reached zero, you can attempt a pin or pinning plex to win the match.

Unfortunately, there’s no two-player mode nor is there a way to make them submit, though there are submission moves to weaken your opponent.

This is Basic Championship Wrestling originally created by Chris Dietrich. This game is for sale either through my etsy store or through pacnsacdave’s etsy store. I can get you a cart with a few different color variations, but pacnsacdave has an option to put it with a bitbox if you collect games that way.

Buy Basic Championship Wrestling through Rigg’d Games
Buy Basic Championship Wrestling through Pacnsacdave

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