Basic Fun Atari 2600 10 N’ One Plug N’ Play Joystick!

Released recently (2nd quarter 2017) by Bridge Direct under the Basic Fun label, this is a new Atari 2600 plug n play joystick.  Similar to the earlier ones done by Jakks Pacific.  However there are differences.

It comes in a blister pack that looks very nice hanging on the peg.  I like the artwork and the nice Atari Logo on the packaging.  As a added bonus, these logos and pictures are on removable cardboard backing.  So you can hang them up on your wall or wherever.

Made myself a little Atari display on my desk.

The manual that comes with it is quite nice and provides a description of the included games.   The Joystick controller works well and has a nice “Atari” feel to it.   The Joystick runs on 4 AA batteries and features a Start, Select, Reset and Power on/off with LED.

The main menu screen features a Atari Logo in the left hand upper corner with a plain white box with all the games listed.  The game selected will have a red circle around it.  As you move through the menu a game logo will appear at the top of the screen for the selected game, which is a nice touch.

The games included on this device are not true 2600 ports, rather some are more of a “re-imagined” version or from a different console altogether.   Some games appear to be from the 7800 and one looks a lot like a Intellivision game.   Sounds are not correct as well, or are missing totally.  Graphically the games look good with a minor exception with Missile Command which had some graphical glitches during game play.

List of games included on this device:

  • Adventure – Sounds are off or missing
  • Asteroids – Looks like the 7800 version
  • Breakout – Looks good, but only has a single speed paddle
  • Canyon Bomber
  • Centipede – Looks like the 7800 version
  • Crystal Castles – Very hard to control
  • Millipede
  • Missile Command – Noted graphical glitches during game play
  • Volleyball – Looks like a Intellivision game
  • Warlords


  1. Nice packaging
  2. Solid feel
  3. Nice legible game select menu


  1. Sounds are off or missing in some games
  2. Paddle games only have single speed control.
  3. Graphical glitches in Missile Command
  4. Control issues in some games
  5. Not actual 2600 ports
  6. Display does not fit screen (score is chopped off in some games)

Overall this Plug N Play could have been much better.  I do like some of the “enhanced” games on the device, but have a hard time with the sounds.  The inclusion of paddle games on a joystick is a terrible choice, would have been better to include more joystick based games (Pac Man, Space Invaders, Frogger, etc.).  If you find yourself wanting a Atari 2600 Plug N’ Play joystick, I would opt for the ones done by Jakks Pacific.

Rating: (1 out of 5 Minicades)

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