Basic Fun’s Fix It Felix Jr MiniCade!

Released in September (2018) by Bridge Direct under the Basic Fun label, this is number 12 in the Arcade Classics Series exclusive to Walmart stores.

UPC Label – 885561095906

MSRP: 19.87

This  minicade features the much nicer OLED full color screen and the much better packaging.  Based on the game created for the movie Wreck It Ralph!, this is a miniature version of that arcade game that is fully playable!

The packaging is again very well done and looks great on the shelf for display.  This unit has the standard on/off switch, three position volume control, joystick and start/pause buttons.   Power is supplied by 3 AA batteries.

Game sounds are adequate, not perfect,  but do get the job done and sound nice.  The gameplay is very entertaining as you try to fix the windows that Ralph as broken on the high rise.  Along the way you have to avoid falling bricks, flying birds and if you catch a pot pie in a window you get invulnerable for a short time!


  1. OLED Screen!
  2. Nice artwork!
  3. Mini Arcade Cabinet Design!
  4. Great packaging!
  5. Responsive control


  1. Sounds/music a little tinny
  2. Marquee is a little undersized

Overall I really like this Minicade.  Considering the game was just created for the movie, it is actually quite a blast to play.  Highly recommend picking this up for your collection!

Rating: (5 out of 5 Minicades)

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