Circle Pad Pro – Quick Thoughts


Despite it’s somewhat goofy appearance and the inevitable odd looks and raised eyebrows you will get from people I highly recommend it. It’s incredibly comfortable to hold which is arguably the most important feature of any device you put in your hands! My hands are a tad large and sometimes cramp up when holding the 3DS and the Circle Pad Pro resolved that issue.

Playing Resident Evil felt right. Not only because of the second analog but also because of the much improved trigger buttons and the addition R bumper button (a total life saver when using your secondary weapon). The 3DS fits firmly in place (no fear of it falling out) and doesn’t actually “connect” to it by a cable or plug. The two IR panels talk to each other and the device will go into a “sleep mode” to save battery power.

– very comfortable
– hugely improved trigger buttons
– extra R bumper
– more “console” like experience while playing games
– very light but feels well made
– no extra cables

– Makes system less portable
– volume switch can be a bit of a pain to get at
– can’t switch games when connected

Nintendo probably should have included these features in the original design of the system and yes it does make the 3DS less portable but if your a fan of Resident Evil, Metal Gear etc you can’t go wrong.

Big Mike

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