Colecovision Super Arcade Controller and Adapter Kickstarter!


The kickstarter campaign for the Super Arcade Controller and Adapter for the colecovision and colecovision flashback system has gone live!  It started January 20th, 2016 and will continue for 29 days.  So far Edladdin has raised $1,565 of their $9,650 goal on the first day!  Edladdin is making 4 different products.


First up is the Seagull CV adapter.  This will allow you to plug in a Atari 2600, 7800, Original colecovision, colecovision flashback or a sega genesis game pad to be used on the original colecovision or colecovision flashback system.  The adapter has two outputs labeled CV 82 (original colecovision) and CV FB (colecovision flashback).   The adapter also features a numeric keypad as well!


Next up is the Super Arcade Controller.  This gives you arcade quality controls for your colecovision and colecovision flashback!  Features a nice micro switch joystick and four arcade buttons along with a nice numeric keypad!  Can be used on the original colecovision and colecovision flashback!


Next, take the Super Arcade Controller and combine it with the Seagull CV adapter and you get the Super Arcade Controller Plus!  all the features of both combined into one!


And finally, last but not least at Super USB arcade controller.  This is used with your PC and features a USB output to use with your favorite colecovision emulator, Mame or whatever else you may have a need for a arcade controller on your PC!  Has the same quality arcade controls and includes a keypad, all can be mapped to your favorite emulator.

Check out the Kickstarter page!

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