Comic-Con 2016 – The Final Chapter



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The last day of Comic con left a really bad taste in my mouth.

The crowd was overwhelming as well as rude. It’s like people didn’t want to be there but were because it was either they were only able to get Sunday badges, or they’re were just out of patience. what ever the reason was you could not get around without getting slightly shoved without as much as an “excuse me”.

Being someone who is kind of claustrophobic I did not like the situation one bit. The rude crowd was “it” for me. Unfortunately I let my fear get the better of me; as I was walking home there was a panel hosted by Nerdist and Inkshares, it was that panel that has mentioned me as one of the winners of the video game book contest.

At first I was pretty convinced that there was no reason for me to come to Comic-Con anymore, however me winning the contest has given me a new purpose to show up to conventions; my book deal. I have a lot of pre-orders to sell, and the only way to get those pre-orders is word of mouth; people have to know about my book Kombo Breaker so they can have the option to pre-order.

See you all next year. Until then, see you in Palm Springs and Long Beach.


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