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Review of the Ibuffalo super Nintendo Entertainment USB controller, compatiable with Windows Xp,7,and 8. This controller is not compatiable with MAC, I would recommend troubleshooting MAC compatiability before investing if you have that OS. The controller itself whilst visually similar to an original SNES controller, it is a lot lighter, and feels quite cheap. However the D-Pad and A, B, X, and Y buttons feel solid and have decent resistance and tactility.
The Shoulder buttons feel comfortable and sturdy enough for use. The start and select buttons feel weak, and the rubber feels especially cheap. However due to the infrequency you will be using these particular buttons I don’t forsee that as a major issue. The Turbo and clear buttons feel like durable plastic.
Overall this controller lacks authenticty in it’s weight and the afformentioned differences in tactility so if authenticity is paramount this probably isn’t the controller you want,
then again you probably wouldn’t be buying a usb controller at all if that was the case.

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