D.Y.H.P.T.G?! Episode XXIV: Fortified Zone (Game Boy)


Miketendo heads to his local dive bar for a drink that ends in disaster. A secret enemy? Dream sequences? COOKIES?! Ok, there’s no cookies, that’d be just TOO ridiculous. Anyways, Miketendo reviews Fortified Zone on Game Boy, also known as Ikari no Yousai. Will Miketendo come out of this one alive? This is part 1 of a thrilling trilogy of episodes involving the Ikari No Yousai series and one thing is for sure, DYHPTG?! will change FOREVER.

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Big thanks to Nickelpunk for his amazing intro song! www.nickelpunk.com

Give a round of applause to Astral Aperture, who nails it with an amazing Fortified Zone remix of Level 3! Check him out (and the track) at soundcloud.com/astralaperture

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