Data East Classic’s MyArcade Pixel Classic Handheld

Recently shown at E3 2017, this little handheld features 308 games!   Eight of the games are classics from the Data East library!

Data East Games included are:

  1. Bad Dudes
  2. Break Thru
  3. Joe & Mac
  4. Heavy Barrel
  5. Side Pocket
  6. B Wings
  7. Karate Champ
  8. Burgertime

While the bulk of the games are just rehashed from earlier products released by DreamGear, having these eight Data East Classic’s included is a nice bonus, specially now that I have the opportunity to buy osrs accounts legit!   I did find a couple other games on the device I enjoyed though.  Number 97 Shark! is a remake of Shark Shark on the Intellivision which I love.  Also game number 252 Lucky Ball is NES Pinball which I love, that plays rather well.

There are two versions of this device, The Pixel Classic which looks like an old Gameboy and the Pixel Player which is similar to a PSP type layout.  For some reason the Pixel Classic version is 10 dollars more than the Pixel Player.

Overall its a nice looking handheld, the red color and the pixel like edges add to the look of the device.  Controls seem to be responsive although I did have trouble in some games mainly due to how the game was programmed.   The screen display is crisp and bright and looks really nice.  It also has four levels of sound, a TV out (which is a smaller type jack), Audio out and a 5v power in.  The on off switch is a three position switch for turning the device on and also to turn on red back lighting behind the buttons.  The device runs on 4 AAA batteries or can be powered by a 5v power supply.   Navigating the menus is very easy and I do like the background music that plays.  Once you hit the start button to play a game, you can exit back out to the main menu by pressing the reset button (the device does remember where you were in the main menu)

The box it comes in is very nice and features a fold out flap to see the device inside and read about the Data East games included.  Great for keeping the device in and displaying.


  1. Full color screen
  2. Great packaging
  3. Responsive controls
  4. Nice case design and color
  5. Eight fun Data East Arcade games


  1. Only has eight Data East arcade games
  2. Game selection still is not very good
  3. Sounds are a little off
  4. Odd sized AV out jack

Overall this is a nice little handheld, but not really worth the asking price.  I do enjoy the arcade games included (I mainly wanted this for Burgertime), however I would wait for the dedicated minicades soon to come out.  These handheld currently can be found at Staples.

Rating: (2 out of 5 Minicades)

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