Dee and Dave


Dee and Dave are the jokesters of the retro gaming scene. They spend their days climbing into gamestop dumpsters and filming their game hunting show, “The Game Jerks.” From lets plays to hosting the Gaming Central Podcast, everything they do includes a hefty dose of their warped sense of humor. Dave spends a lot of his time video editing and enjoys trying to complete his Sega Saturn collection. He loves turn based strategy RPGs such as Fire Emblem and Disgea, and has dreams about the Dreamcast 2 every night. Dee is constantly scouring the town in search of more amiibos, pop figures and horse racing simulator games. He loves the Nintendo Gamecube, and still plays Pokemon silver on the reg. He also enjoys annoying his girlfriend Natalie, who makes guest appearances on the show. And theres a talking pet monster named Steve.