Does Mario Need Some New Friends To Race?


With many of us having the pleasure of playing through Mario Kart 7 for a few weeks now we have all no doubt wondered where Nintendo will go next with Mario Kart. I had an absolute blast with Mario Kart 7 and to be honest preferred it over its big brother on the Wii, however one thing for me that was lacking was the character selection. Nintendo are never going to make everyone out there happy with there character selection, but Mario Kart 7 got me thinking maybe its time for Nintendo to start adding characters from other franchises to the Mario Kart world.

I am not saying for them to ditch the whole Mario Kart concept at all, but think about this what if in the next game they gave us a Nintendo All Stars Cup where instead of 4 classic tracks they gave us 4 tracks based on other franchises each with a character to unlock. For example how about a race around Hyrule Castle where if you win you can then race as Link, or perhaps you could race around Planet Zebes with Samus. This is way out there but how about a cross over with Sonic the Hedgehog? When I was 11 years old if you had told me that Sonic and Mario would be in a game together I would have called you crazy, now though with the success of the Mario & Sonic Olympic Games series would it be that hard to imagine a cross over between Mario Kart and Sonic All Star Racing?

Nintendo has a ton of great characters and amazing locations that they could use, while I have loved Mario Kart since its debut on the SNES and I think it’s amazing that they have managed to have as many variations in tracks as they have had, I personally feel that now is the time to start expanding a little bit. I think it’s fair to say most people got a kick out of the Legend of Zelda Easter egg in Mario Land 3DS, so I would think that fans would be open to having other franchises join in with Mario Kart.

How about you guys? Would love to read your views on the future of Mario Kart.. Are you happy with them just strictly sticking to the Mario games, or would you like them to expand it just a little, or perhaps go even further and ditch Mario Kart and create the Super Smash Bros of racing games?

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