Donald Trump Goes To Comic Con 2016



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The San Diego Comic Convention has truly grown too big for its britches.

Parking is pretty much impossible unless you park your car about a mile and half away in the part of the city where you won’t feel 100 percent safe; the trolly has now become over crowded. the best bet is to spend some money for one of the neighboring, high-end hotels next to the convention center.

I do miss the days where Comic con was small, where the exhibit hall wasn’t filed past complicity, breaking the fire code. The best way to describe comic-con from back in the day is today’s Wonder-con; I can walk through the hall of the Anaheim Convention Center and not have to worry about bumping into people; it’s more inviting and engaging.

With it popularity growning by the thousands every year it’s doubtful that San Diego will be able to sustain such an event like Comic-con for much longer, and with other major cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles making bids to host the annual event and multiple failed attempts to expand their Convention Center, it’s only a matter of time before San Deigo loses Comic-Con.



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