Duck Hunt – Glitched Up

Glitched Up Duck Hunt with squares Title Card


Brand New Series checking out Video Games that are Glitched Up

Featuring: Duck Hunt’s Kill Screen

This is Glitched Up (Farewell and thank you Cartridge Tilting and Glitches)


This video contains me reviewing and sharing a glitch that occurs within the game Duck which was released on the NES. The video contains visuals of the game and all footage comes with in depth and educational voice overs and the video game footage lasts for over 3 minutes.

The music at the beginning of the video is called 1.Dubstep Symphony 2(standard­_licence) the next piece of music is 2.Tomorrow’s Hope(standard_licence) followed by 3.HeatleyBros – Game Time HipHop! – Video Game Music Loop

The music i have used for this video i bought from
1.Dubstep Symphony 2 21/12/2013
2.Tomorrow’s Hope 11/09/2013
3.HeatleyBros – Game Time HipHop! – Video Game Music Loop 25/10/2014

The Sound Effects i have used for this video i bought from
1.HIT, PUNCH 2 11/11/2014

The music i have used for this video i bought from and i have the licence to use the music synchronised in an audio/visual context non-exclusively worldwide (…) i also have a copy of the licence that was sent to me once i had purchased the music dated 11/09/2013 and 21/12/2013 and 25/10/2014

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