Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! Actraiser Review SNES

Mike thinks he can control his cat Zelda with the power of The Master’s helmet, from Actraiser. He’d better think again, and instead put that effort into reviewing the game! Actraiser was a launch title for the Super NES and the first title for Japanese developer, Quintet. Here, we explore why Actraiser was such a landmark title for them, and why that kind of experience hasn’t been replicated since. Thanks to the following Mourning Star Whip Tier patrons (or higher!) Nintenjoe Super JES The Autistic Gamer 89 Trevin Adams If you want to consider supporting the channel and these kinds of videos further, head over to Patreon.com/dongled where your generous contributions go directly towards improving the reviews and the channel overall! HUGE thank you to Grant Henry (Stemage), Dan Taylor (Chunkstyle) and Metroid Metal in general for their permission to use their Actraiser Medley, “Teddy’s Bread.” If you enjoyed it, head over to MetroidMetal.com to listen to more! Thanks to Rewind Mike for supplying some Actraiser 2 footage. Please consider watching his latest video on Beat ‘Em Ups, it’s really excellent: https://youtu.be/IMYC2ua1UVM Thank you to Retro Shred for his awesome intro music (Season 8, baby!) and Paul Hallaway for his Intro Effects. Consider supporting Retro Shred on Twitch.tv/RetroShredMusic Want to watch more reviews? Check these out: Spider PS1 Review: https://youtu.be/mn5x5jADIH0 Rollie NES Review: https://youtu.be/ZxrJawmXN1U Battle Chasers: Nightwar PS4 Review: https://youtu.be/o14bOAioWsQ The Last Story Wii Review: https://youtu.be/XHV3jNPW_pA

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