Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! – BEACH SPIKERS REVIEW (Gamecube)

While on vacation this summer, Miketendo was exploring the salt, sea and air and thought…what a perfect time to review Beach Spikers on the Gamecube! But does this game have what it takes to be the perfect summer slammin’ jammin’ volleyball game to quench your summer sports thirst? Find out on this review of Beach Spikers on the Gamecube!

Before anybody says anything, yes, I realized I filmed this episode incorrectly, it was EXTREMELY impromptu so please forgive the cell phone being held incorrectly during filming.

HUGE thanks to Justin Schneider for helping me capture some multiplayer for this review.

As always, my intro guys: Retro Shred and Paul Hallaway, thank you for your respective intro music and intro effects.

Shout out to Mega Phil X who redesigned my avatar! Go play his fan game Mega Man Unlimited which I also reviewed!

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