Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! “Castlevania” Lords of Shadow “Review”

Carrying on from the previous episode, Mike is forced to review Lords of Shadow….his way…or the highway. I look forward to your angry comments down below!

In all seriousness, thanks for all the support over the years! For everyone who has subbed, left a constructive comment, supplied me with help like intro music or effects or any other way, liked the videos, shared them, or supported me on Patreon…you guys rock.

Thanks to Discord member Tyler The Destroyer for the idea! I took what he suggested and ran with it!

Thank you to Matt Creamer AKA Norrin Radd for his intro music.

Thanks to Paul Hallaway for the intro effects help!

Big thanks to anyone on the Patreon, but especially the Mourning Star Whip Tier and up! They are: Brice, Venthros, GreatWhiteNorthPresents,Nintenjoe, Trevin Adams, Derek Demiter, Sam Schafer and Scott Mcelhone! Consider becoming a member at: Patreon.com/dongled

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