Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! DOLPHIN BLUE Atomiswave/Dreamcast REVIEW

Everyone loves dolphins in video games! Right?! Mike dives into Dolphin Blue’s history, a breakdown of the 2003 Atomiswave original in comparison with the recent Sega Dreamcast fan-made port. Which is the best version to play? Is this game worth dipping into? Get your feet wet with DOLPHIN BLUE in the latest DYHPTG?!

Shout out to my co-host on XVGM Radio, Justin Schneider, for helping capture the Atomiswave footage via emulation.

Thanks also goes to @TJKitsune via Twitter for helping with footage of his
Atomiswave games and hardware! Follow him here: www.twitter.com/TJKitsune

Thanks also goes to Matt Creamer AKA Norrin Radd, VGM and chiptune composer extraordinaire! Check out his links below:

Thanks to Paul Hallaway as always for his intro effects!

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*All Footage captured by myself as per usual (unless otherwise noted.) DC captured utilizing an El Gato Game Capture HD and standard AV out. Atomiswave footage captured via MAME and OBS.

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