Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! Episode XL: Ghost Sweeper Mikami SNES Review



What do you get when you mix an anime show with Ghostbusters, Ghost Whisperer, and a Natsume action title starring a sexy redheaded girl? Trouble for Miketendo, since his fiancé joins him for this review of Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Joreshi Wa Nice Body on the Super NES, an imported title from Japan. Click that play button and if you liked the episode, click that like button and tell us what you thought of it!

Big thanks to my fiancé Patti McCarthy for being a good sport and taking part in the episode.

Special thanks to Pau Hallaway, who supplied the donation reproduction cart for this review, along with the intro effects he provides! Check him out at: youtube.com/users/paulieretro

Thanks as always to Nickelpunk for his intro music! Catch him at:
nickelpunk.bandcamp.com or soundcloud.com/nickelpunk

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